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The server is at the heart of system operations.  It is probably the single most essential component in your entire system.  It controls your systems connectivity, data, security and consequently the productivity of your entire organisation.

Integris has the knowledge to keep your servers operational.  We take care of security, data, backups, print services and a data recovery plan which is always ready for action.

Day-to-Day Administration

Adding new users, changing user rights and setting up folder shares are essential tasks for the day-to-day running of your system. We’re geared to execute these tasks remotely and at a moments notice.

We recognise that your desktops are the productivity tool of your organisation. That’s why we’ve developed a proven recipe to keep them going.  We keep your desktops up-to-date by:

  • Installing the latest Operating System updates and patches
  • Enabling anti-virus signatures
  • Keeping a close check on rogue data and email message stores, temporary system files, performance and unusual behavior

…all to minimise the possibility of unscheduled down-time.

Real-time Remote Server & System Monitoring

Having the facility to remotely monitor the functionality and performance of your system will allow us to pro-actively pre-empt a situation before it becomes a productivity impacting issue.

Various aspects of your system can be remotely monitored (by means of real-time telemetry, paged alerts and emailed log file analysis) for maximising your system’s uptime. This minimises our on-site intervention and reduces your costs. We monitor network performance, bandwidth usage, network traffic and also system health to name a few.

System Monitoring

Your system will be configured to dispatch system telemetry at regular intervals which will then be analyzed and set to trigger our agents accordingly. On special request we can also setup your system to allow management of the day-to-day administrative tasks of your server such as user management and data access.

Cloud Services and website monitoring

We understand that you’ve got better things to do than visit your own website on a regular basis. So when your site is down, you’re normally the last to find out. We’ll save you the embarrassment and put an alert whenever your site becomes unavailable.

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Integris has been a game-changer for us. Their quick response, expert problem-solving, and proactive approach have kept our systems running smoothly. We’re incredibly grateful for their reliable and professional service.

Pamela B.
Administrator - Estate Management, 10th June 2024

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