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We live in the world of data; it allows us to make realistic decisions about the future. No department or company can claim to have completed its work unless they have access to a reliable, fast and secure network. Integris helps clients create and manage a network infrastructure that’s built for their future needs.

Integris uses only the highest quality equipment and materials and adhere’s strongly to best-practice industry standards.

Integris’ team of qualified engineers design and build networks that out-perform your expectations.

Integris uses high-grade smoke-free cabling thats design to deliver the bandwidth performance and demands for tomorrow applications.

Terminating cables to industry standards and regulations ensures that the network will always perform as designed. Using high quality patch panels and wall ports guarantees that the longevity of the network is safeguarded.

Network Infrastructure is much more than having good terminated segments – the networking equipment driving the data through the cables is as important as the cables themselves. Integris has partnered up with leading manufacturers to ensure the highest perfromance deliverables.

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Consulting with Integris really helped us achieve our technological goals. The strategic service plan along with professional service levels ensures that our system is stable and reliable.

Amanda S.
Sales & Marketing, Financial Services

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