Managed AntiVirus

A managed antivirus system is a software solution that protects all of the end-user workstations and servers from virus threats. A good system updates programs automatically and your employees should not need to waste time updating or scanning their machines manually. All malware found are immediately quarantined in real-time.

The “managed” aspect of the system means that Integris installs the software on your workstations and servers, schedules regular scans to check for issues and monitors it for full functionality. Integris also ensures that the system is updated and is monitoring the health of your network in real-time.

Integris helps you to develop a strong sense of network security. Our engineers provide advice on how to secure your network and devices. Through its partners, Integris has solutions that can scale to meet the growing demands of your business as well as provide ongoing virus protection.


Managing Malware

Centralised Management
Consistent Security
Continuous Monitoring
Real-Time Mitigation
Regular Updates
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Consulting with Integris really helped us achieve our technological goals. The strategic service plan along with professional service levels ensures that our system is stable and reliable.

Amanda S.
Sales & Marketing, Financial Services

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